EXO Ex-Girlfriend


I dont know this is real or not. I just want to share it with u all. enjoy please^^

EXO-K’s D.O.’s

This is real cute ♥

It’s pretty spread between the fans that WM’s girl group trainee, Seo Hye Jin, is D.O.’s ex. I don’t know if it’s true, but the rumor is /widespread/

Rumor goes that Kyungsoo /had/ to break up with her before his debut due to the “no dating” contract and all, and because she’s also a trainee, she understood and said, “Work hard on your future activities and I hope your debut goes successful.”
Her tweet (twitter acc no longer exists) on April 22nd (not much after EXO’s live debut stage) is said to be 100% meant for Kyungsoo: “Wishing all that you do goes well.”

Irrelevant, but Seo Hye Jin’s also hometown friends with B1A4’s Gongchan.

(btw she’s said to be a really nice and sweet…

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[Taeyeon’s Birthday] Taeyeon Couple

Aca Min Min

1. Taeyeon & Leeteuk (TaeTeuk)

Jujur saja, author ini shipper mereka. Sampai sekarang pun, cinta author ke TaeTeuk gak pernah hilang. Walau Teuki udah nan jauh di mata, tapi author masih tetep setia nunggu moment mereka yang terbaru *kok jadi curhat ?*. Balik lagi ke TaeTeuk, mereka pernah dikabarkan berpacaran tahun 2009-2011, tapi 2012 putus. Itu sih masih katanya. Dan author juga pernah baca disini. Katanya TaeTeuk dan YoonHae itu udah lama pacaran #author tebar kembang. Moment mereka dikatakan cukup banyak. Emang gak sebanyak YoonHae sih … Tapi sekalinya ada moment, so sweet gitu #jiwa shipper kumat. Apalagi di SMTown L.A 2010, itu pertama kalinya author tau SuGen dan jadi suka SuGen. Liat di channel YT ini.

Liat juga moment terakhir mereka :

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