The Making of So Nyuh Shi Dae

SNSD Korean

So I watched Ellie’s vlog about how ‘SNSD should be 4 not 9‘. I love Ellie and her K-pop vlog, as Cindy said, she always has interesting take on K-pop — this one is no exception. I obviously love all the nine girls as one group, but even I once thought about how… ridiculous, for lack of better words, it was for having nine girlson one group. I mean, really, nine girls. Back then, all I can imagine was cat-fights, lots of it.

Ellie said about making a smaller group, actually that was SM Entertainment initial plan. On Ya Shim Man Man, Sooyoung revealed how they were supposed to debut under smaller group, but under a collective group of some sort — namely Yeoja Danchae. I guess it’s like how 2AM and 2PM are under OneDay. Or rather, like how Super Junior has…

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