TAEYEON FACTS from Soshified.com



  • During middle school, she wanted to skip school and sneak out with her friends, they had to help each other jump over a wall or fence and when she was about to come down her coat was caught on the sharp edges so she was like hanging on it like a scarecrow with her arms spread wide.
  • Taeyeon got a nosebleed once because she got in a fight.
  • Taeyeon used to chucked ice to the grass field in front of her apartment with her brother. And they competed who can throw the ice the farther, like icecubes. And during winter, when there are snow covering the grass field, they would try to draw something by throwing tons of ice cubes.
  • So one day, kid taeng peeled fruits for her daddy taeng after he came home from exercising. She specifically peeled sweet watermelons, which isn’t daddy taeng’s favorite fruit. But…

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