This is My World

Title: Time Machine (Demo Song)
Singer: Andy Love (Andrew Nicholas Love)
Music & Composed: Andy Love

SNSD had confirmed that they will be using this demo of ‘Time Machine’ to sing for their new Japanese Album [Re:packageAlbum “GIRLS’ GENERATION”-The Boys] which will be in Japanese Version.

I’ve Waken up
Without U here
It’s Sinking in so loud and clear
Its Over, guess its over

Wish I could take it back
and fight again
I can’t rewind,
Undo what’s done
It’s no redemption for me
Never written out this story

One Mistake, got one regret
A memory, I know u can’t forget

I’am a Prisoner
And there’s no way out
Cause the future Past
I’am Stuck in the here and now

No Time Machine
Could Ever Bring Us Back
And no apology
Is gonna get this on track
I could wait around
For a thousand years
But that will never…

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